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June 2022 News

June New

We featured the Ethics and Professionalism Course which is a resource provided by ECSACON and is part of the membership package. Nurses and Midwives focuses on patients and ethics frameworks to help them ensure the safety of patients and their fellow healthcare providers. Utilizing the ethical principles of autonomy, beneficence, nonmaleficence, fidelity, justice, and paternalism the course provides us with a firm foundation for ethical decision making.

We have also launched 5 more CPD courses on pain assessment, acute resuscitation, safe catheter removal, blood glucose monitoring and urinalysis which can be accessed for free on the Guild Learning Center.   

We awarded 10 scholarships to nurses and midwives living and working in the ECSA region to complete the Micro-credentialing membership program. Congratulations to all the deserving awardees who have embarked on their educational transformational journey. All applications done in July have been processed and awardees have been notified to submit required documentation.

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