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Our Impact

VAKA had an initial focus on Zimbabwe, where it has provided accredited professional development courses for nurses in partnership with the Nurses Council of Zimbabwe and the Ministry of Health and Child care through its pilot project called MYCPDZW. This web-based mobile application has already been successfully rolled out to health care workers in Zimbabwe before and during the Covid 19 pandemic. More than 95% of healthcare professionals in the country have completed at least 30 – 45 modules translating to more than 1 million Continuous Professional Development (CPD) activities over a period of 3 years. Registered nurses have managed to renew their Practicing licences online using the MYCPDZW platform. For more information visit the website

We are on track to build a network of healthcare workers who support each other by leveraging on technology, partnership, strength in numbers and local context-specific knowledge.


Primary Health Care is delivered by healthcare workers (mainly Nurses and Village health workers) who work in remote areas caring for people living under $2US per day. These workers are isolated and have no access to decision support tools and they must travel for basic professional development training. VAKA has built solutions for them to have access to technology-enhanced education, algorithmic protocols, clinical decision support tools such as national guidelines and standardized continuous professional development activities. This is vastly improving the quality of healthcare service delivery. Delivering of quality health education has the potential to fast track vastly improved holistic outcomes for health in a cost-effective manner

Our Impact

Co-Founder Admore Kansas Presentation on the power of health technologies

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